The Transformation of Nations and community is a global agenda which cannot be achieved without the right information, knowledge, and Education. An Education that addresses every sphere of life has to be not only ambitious but daring to reshape the entire thinking of young people, professionals, business people, community and national leaders if lasting change will be achieved. This kind of Education is our commitment at Uzuri Institute of professional studies. Our Medium to Long term strategic efforts for achieving holistic education and being a force of change are centered around Five core objectives;

  • Youth Empowerment
  • Innovation & ICT development
  • Leadership development
  • Financial stability &innovative student financial services
  • Forging of strategic

No single institution can work alone and the power of a handshake is a force of change in itself. Over the years we have had various partnerships with Government in the development of curriculums and programs that have included the Bible school course, Total life management and Employability & Entrepreneurship courses. We have partnered with various county governments on various agendas and the office of The Kiambu County Woman Representative headed by Hon Gathoni Wamuchomba has been a great support.

We have had global business partners such as Transformation Business Network as well as other regional and local partners including our faithful suppliers and examination bodies.

Transformative Education is a form of wealth that we need to inculcate in our children so that they have a love for both academics and other forms of training and acquisition of knowledge such as reading. A holistic education will ensure generations to come find a platform that will propel them to their own greatness and to leave legacies for those behind. With the explosion of digital communication and media today, information is one thing we are Not short of yet true and effective knowledge needs to be a deliberate part of our culture.

The right Knowledge is our food and wealth. The wrong knowledge is our destruction and our poverty. Our philosophies, our cultures, our ways are shaped in the knowledge realm hence mentalities are formed whether positive or negative. Therefore, if we want to change aspects of our society, we will need to look at the quality and effectiveness of knowledge and information reaching the minds of the community.

Mercy Githinji
Founding Director,
Uzuri Institute